Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beautiful Boudoir

Remember a few months ago when I announced that I was working on a bedroom/studio project with a photographer friend? Well, I finally have some photos to show of the project! Yep, we finished up a couple of weeks ago and Sherry did her first boudoir shoot in the space. 
The room turned out beautiful and so did the shoot!

Here's a closer look at the project:

The bed is a bit large for this small room, but we worked it out in the end. The rust color frame didn't go with our black and white design, so we painted it black.
The space has two windows that bring in a lot of natural light, but the nook across from the bed was too small to really do anything functional with. There is also a doorway into the living room that we needed to address for privacy reasons especially during shoots.
Of the two mood boards that I did, this is the one that spoke to Sherry the most and so we used it as the design inspiration.
We decided to install a textured wall using ceiling tiles and a custom bed canopy with drapes. We selected a pretty teal color that would be soothing for Sherry in her day to day, but also compliment many different colors of lingerie when she uses the room for shoots. As I mentioned above, we painted the bed frame black as well as reupholstered the headboard.

In the final design, we opted to turn the bed around and float it in front of the nook. This allowed for natural light to shine in through the side window and eliminated the other window being directly behind the bed. We blocked the doorway with a pretty black and white damask drape and hung one on the opposite window to balance out the room.
The canopy and drapes create a romantic feel in the room, ideal for boudoir photography.
We plan to install a lamp or chandelier behind the bed to provide lighting at night, but that will come in phase two.
We installed the textured wall behind the bed, but opted to paint it all black rather than black and white. The texture is subtle, but I love the contrast of the bold teal against the dark black.

We have a few other details that we'd like to add and later plan to create vignettes in other areas of the house for the shoots. This is the first e-design completed since I've started decorating again and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. It's been fun and challenging to consider how each part of the design would photograph and be used during a shoot. I'm looking forward to phase two when we can put together some of the other ideas that we've been working on and see the full project come to life!

If you'd like to see more of Sherry's work, you can check her out on her website at http://www.sherrymartinphotography.com

Happy almost New Year!

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  1. Elena,
    You have an AMAZING eye! thank you so much for making my "boudoir" look so beautiful!!! I will refer you to everybody who needs an interior designer...