Monday, December 6, 2010

Entry Dilemma

In small spaces it is so important that we utilize every inch as functional space rather than just decorative. I've learned this over the years in the various small spaces where I've lived.

Our current home is situated in such a way that the back door leading into the kitchen acts as the main door for the home. Because of that, I've been working on creating an inviting, stylish and functional entryway in this awkward little space. Here's a shot of the entry "before", right after we moved in; not-so-inviting!

I'm working on it though and think it's coming along nicely. I started the project the same way I would if I were designing for anyone else, with research. Take a look at some of the beautiful entries that I've found for inspiration.

Stay tuned for our soon to be finished entryway! I can only hope it turns out half as gorgeous as the ones above.

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