Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 things I've learned since being engaged!

I promised myself that I wouldn't give up on my blog after we got engaged, and I haven't; however I have learned that keeping up on a blog while working full time job, planning a wedding and maintaining a household is quite a challenge! With just 64 days left until the big day, I am busier then ever with numerous DIY projects (that I can't wait to share), appointments and final details, but I was feeling like I am long over due for an update. So, here are a few of the things that I've learned since being engaged:

1) Planning your own wedding is A LOT of work! But, it has proven to be one of the best and most fun events that I have planned to date and I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.

2) Google Documents is the best online tool out there. I have been able to completely organize all of our wedding "stuff" from the guest list, to the budget, to schedules of when vendor payments are due all in one workbook, that is accessible wherever I can get online. I highly recommend this tool to any bride-to-be and/or regular person to help organize your lives!

3) The Flea Market at the Pasadena Rose Bowl is the BEST place to shop in California! I found so many amazing bottles, frames and vases there and could have easily spent an entire years pay in one day!

4) Taking the time to put together a wedding website is well worth the time. It gives your guests a place to go to reference accommodations, registry info, addresses, maps, etc. so that they don't have to call you for it! And the more personal you make it, the better. People love to read about your stories and learn little things about you that they may not have known. 

5) Your vendors enjoy getting to know you and who you are. They like to read your blogs and be your friends on Facebook. This has been refreshing because I know that I am forming relationships with great professionals that will extend beyond just my one day and I trust that they are going to provide their best service for me. I look forward to sending them referrals and using them for other events down the road.

6) People love to talk about weddings and wedding planning! It is the funniest thing. People who you never thought would think to ask, will be the ones that remember that you are planning and will check in with you frequently.

7) It is imperative to keep a balance between wedding planning and regular life. Take time for yourself, your fiance, your pets and your families. It is very easy to get wrapped up in the all-consuming wedding planning, but taking breaks when you need them is the only way to stay centered and not get burned out or overwhelmed.

8) Your friends and family are incredibly generous and want to spoil you during this time. Let them! It is amazing all the things that people want to do for you. If you have the opportunity to give up control, do. This past weekend, my mom and friends threw me the most amazing "Triple B" (Bachelorette, Birthday, Bridal Shower) weekend! All of the details were a surprise and as they unfolded I could see and feel all of the work and planning and love that had been done.

9) Your fiance is as excited about the wedding as you are and he actually does care. Getting him involved in the planning will make your wedding so much more personal and special for the two of you and he will take pride in completing his "check-lists". He may also surprise you with some really creative and sentimental ideas!

10) Enjoy yourself! It goes by so fast no matter how long or short of an engagement you have. After the wedding you no longer get to say "fiance" so have fun with it all while it lasts!