Monday, September 13, 2010

Inspiring Interiors

I didn't have much time to work on my blog posts this weekend because I was busy spending some quality time with Kevin and working on one of my friend's design projects. I found these unique wallpapered rooms last week when I was rummaging through the Elle Decor archives and when I came across them again today, my design juices started flowin'.  I absolutely had to get them posted tonight.

Asian wallpapers are so unique. They often depict nature scenes rather than the more common patterned wall-prints.
How cool is this wallpaper? It oozes inspiration. I can just picture some old writer tearing  his favorite passages from his favorite books and saving them on the walls for later!
The small scale of the wall print creates a sense of balance with the heavy furniture and over-sized accessories.
What a great idea for a little explorer's room! This would actually be really easy to do and it's super chic.
Va-Va-Voom! Where's my bustier and red lipstick.  Peacock feathers in a bathroom are fashionable and sexy to boot.
I love everything about this room.  The wallpaper is subtle and beautiful and creates interest on the walls of this gorgeously-eclectic room.
Um, yes please! Metallic papered closet walls as an accessory for your accessories..
Whimsical words add warmth and the horizontal lines of text bring a sense of calm to the space.
Daring choices in this small bathroom came together to create an inviting and fashionable space.

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