Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Step One: Get Inspired

First thing I did after we found the perfect venue for our summer, outdoor wedding was put together an inspiration board to work out the direction that I wanted to go with color, decor, style, mood, etc. This is really a must for any bride-to-be so that you and your groom can get on the same page and it will help you more easily communicate your vision to others.

The peacocks that call Leo Carrillo Ranch (the site of our wedding) their home were totally inspiring to me. How could they not be. They are stunning and fascinating animals.

Although I am now slightly obsessed with them, I really didn't want to do the whole peacock theme for our wedding. I'm not really into "themes", so instead decided to pay the peacocks tribute by adding in just a few feathers as more of an ode to them! I think they appreciated this, because they spent a good amount of time entertaining our guests!)

I decided to focus more on color and style for our wedding decor. I wanted shabby-chic with a touch of glamor to set the scene of our nuptials and kept that in mind when designing this mood board. I knew that our smaller budget and my love of crafting would mean a lot of DIY and so I tried to keep that in mind when looking for inspiration.

We knew we wanted BBQ for dinner and a more non-traditional dessert like ice cream or frozen yogurt. Market lighting was a must and we had to incorporate a lounge and lots and lots of flowers!

One of the very first things we did after we got engaged was have a very detailed conversation about what things were most important to each of us as it pertained to our wedding (I highly recommend that everyone do this when planning something this big so that you can get on the same page as your groom!).

Some of the things at the top of our list included:

1) Family & Friends
2) Good Food
3) Good Drinks
4) Good Music & Lots of Dancing
5) Outdoor, Summer, Backyard Feel
6) Fun!

It's funny how when you put it down on paper, the things that you think would be the most important like the dress (still important, but not the main focus) really come second to things like family, close friends and fun! That's all that really mattered to us.

We wanted to throw a great party, and that's exactly what we did! Stay tuned for more...

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