Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY: Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party Gifts

Here are a couple of cute ideas for bridal shower and bachelorette party gifts that you can make yourself.

His and Hers Koozies - I got these in the dollar section at Michaels and then applied Bride and Groom sticker decals to make a cute and inexpensive gift for a wedding week at the beach!

Lingerie Basket & Bouquet - For the same beach bride, I had friends of the bride send lingerie gifts to me and then I rolled each with tissue paper into a flower. I gathered all of the lingerie flowers into a bouquet and used a corset top to hold them all like a vase. I put the bouquet along with a few other little gifts such as slippers, bath salts and a hat to keep the sun of her face into a cute gift box.  We presented it to her as a group with a champagne toast.
Bride Ball Cap - For another friend who was getting married in sunny San Diego, I made a cute, white "Bride" cap for her to wear during her pre-wedding festivities. At that time I couldn't find an already made Bride hat, so I bought a plain white hat and bedazzled it with with rhinestones from Michaels. I paired it with a white zip-up hoodie for the perfect bride-to-be outfit!
Bachelorette Bouquet Favor - I also had the pleasure of throwing a Bachelorette Party for for this San Diego bride. We took her to a chic bar downtown, ordered delicious appetizers and drinks and celebrated the night away. I wanted the girls to have a special favor in honor of the bride, so I had some shot glasses engraved and then filled them with M&M's in the colors of the wedding. Then I sealed each one with "Glad Press 'n' Seal" (the best tool to keep in your kitchen BTW!) and trimmed around the edges. Lastly, a girlfriend and I made a dozen Martha Stewart tissue paper flowers and stuck one in each shot glass. At the party we grouped them on a table together to create a bouquet. It turned out really pretty and was a huge hit with the girls.
The Mrs. Tank - I must admit, I stole this next idea from the sister of a friend of mine, but I loved it so much that I made one for my own little sister who got married last March. It's super easy to make and let me tell you, THE GROOMS LOVE it! All you need is a plain white tank top and iron-on letters (also found at Michaels). Lay them out on the tank to spell the soon-to-be Mrs. new last name, then follow the directions to attach. Pair with a cute pair of boy shorts and you are sure to have One Great Gift!
Steal these great ideas for your next shower or bachelorette party.

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