Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CB2 - How I Love You

Let me count the ways!

Just got the latest CB2 catalog in the mail and inside are some really clever ideas for modern holiday decorating. (Yes people, it's October and believe it or not, time to start thinking about the holidays!) Also, who knew CB2 has a great blog full of DIYs and behind the scenes adventures?  

I really like the idea of creating a Christmas tree using holiday cards. I usually string them in a doorway or down a wall, but hanging them on an existing piece of art is a little more subtle.

Digging the ladder tree, but not sure it would fit in our house. (Oh, and we don't have a ladder, so that might be a problem too!)

That bubble wreath is so chic it could be displayed all year if desired.

I love this photo frame tree idea too. It is a good option for someone with minimal space and you can hang them with Command Strips so that you don't have to put holes in the walls!
There will definitely be a sugar plum tree in my holiday decor this year.

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Happy holiday decorating!

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