Monday, January 23, 2012

E Designs: Window Treatments

Last year after they purchased a new home in Murrells Inlet, SC my aunt and uncle asked me for some design advice for their master bedroom. They have a bay window that they were uncertain how to treat and wanted some help.
The Problem

After reading their "problem", I spent some time coming up with a window treatment solution for the window and then took the design to the next level so they could get a feel for what could be done with their space.
The Inspiration

I began the process, as I do with all of my designs, by finding photos for reference and inspiration.

The Mood Board

Next, I pulled fabric swatches, a color palette (this one was based on their existing palette in the room) and some accent pieces (tables, lamps, art, etc) and created a mood board to give them some ideas of items that could be added to the space to pull the room together.

Lastly, I created a mocked up photo of their space using some of the items and treatments to give them a visual reference of how the space could look with my ideas implemented.

The Solution

For E-Designs such as this, I provide not only what is shown above, but also a PDF with links to all the items that I have used and a full write up with suggestions for pulling the space together on your own.

My aunt and uncle put their project on hold for a while, but based on the feedback I received on my design for them, I got the feeling we'll be seeing some of my ideas come to life when they are ready to finish it up!

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