Monday, December 5, 2011

To Veil or Not To Veil?

I've never pictured myself wearing a veil in my wedding, even as a little girl. (Although I will admit, there was a moment right before the wedding when I started having doubts about my decision and thought maybe I should wear one. Thank goodness that only lasted for about five minutes!)

They say that to feel like a bride you should put something special in your hair. Kind of like the icing on a cake, it just adds a finishing touch. So, if not a traditional veil, then what? Flower? Headband? Clip? Feather?

My dress decided it for me: Feather - All the way!

I liked the old Hollywood Glam style of my dress and felt like a feather would be just the right touch of something special to kick it up a notch!

In true Elena fashion, I didn't like any of the feather fascinators that I was finding at the bridal shops and online boutiques and if I did, they were way out of my accessory budget or way too big for what I had in mind. So, I decided I would try to make one.

After looking around at purchasing feathers and reading up on how to attach and secure them, I quickly concluded that "Pre-Made With A Twist" would be the best solution for me!

Sav-On-Crafts actually had the perfect white feather fascinator headband for $29! I decided to order it and see how hard it would be to detach it from the headband and somehow secure it in my hair. Low and behold, it slipped right off! Thank you Sav-On-Crafts for saving the day!
(image from
(image from
Now for the "twist." I decided a broach would be the little extra touch to complete my new feathers! I scoured sites like Etsy and flea markets all over town until finally tucked in a display case, in an Ocean Beach antique shop on Newport Ave (a must visit if you end up in San Diego), I found it! It was just the right mix of art neaveau, pearls and pave to tie in my other jewelry and other details. And best of all, it was $12!!!
It was just perfect!

After attaching the broach to the feathers using the existing pin, I glued the clasp shut to lessen the risk of it coming undone. Voila!

The perfect feather fascinator for my perfect day!
(photo by Emily Faulknor Photographers)

(photo by Emily Faulknor Photographers)

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