Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Right Tie for the Right Guy!

Shortly after we decided on our venue and created our inspiration board, we were at the mall and I spotted the perfect tie for Kevin to wear in the wedding. To my surprise and excitement, he totally agreed! It was just the right combination and variety of blues and green and the paisley motifs felt a bit like a peacock feather which I loved.

We hadn't yet decided on the color tux that he would wear, but we knew we were thinking gray or tan and this tie would have worked well no matter which way we decided to go. Some of our inspirations for his look included:

I really love the tux that he ultimately chose and the tie totally pulled the entire color scheme of all the details of the wedding together. My groom looked absolutely perfect on our big day and I couldn't have hoped to marry a more handsome man!

*Photos of Kevin by Emily Faulknor Photographers.

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