Sunday, September 25, 2011

Making Changes

Lately I've got the decorating bug again and I've been re-doing rooms in our house by changing and mixing up accessories. I'd of course love all new everything, but having just paid for a wedding (!!!), that's not happening any time soon!

So, I got a cool new print on canvas for our living room from World Market and I love all of the colors and the eclectic design. It has the red-orange and olive green of our existing sofa and drapes, but also varying shades of blue, green, red and even teal (one of the colors that I've been wanting to introduce into our home for a long time!).

Momentary Canvas by World Market
I'm thinking I may frame it in a cool, rustic wood frame down the road, but for now it's hangin' naked above our sofa!
Next I'm starting to hunt for cool accent pillows to tie the sofa, drapes and new frames (stay tuned for a glimpse of these soon) all together.

Z Gallerie has a bunch that are totally gorgeous and along the lines of what I'm looking for. Here are a few of my faves:

I'll keep you posted as I get more done so you can see how everything comes together.


  1. I love the print Elena.....when I saw it the first thing I thought about was the parasol idea you incorporated into your wedding. I love the pillows too:) I think you should buy one of each!

  2. Love it Cousin :) Have you heard of the website called I'm obsessed with it, it's an idea pinning website - ppl share, and comment and like just like on FB, but it's everything from pillows to animals, and everything in can either send them an invite request or I can send you one, but for sure one I think you'll love if you haven't already heard of it! xoxo